Tony Arrow Design

A New Zealand company based in the North Island's Bay of Plenty, we combine images and design so businesses can look their best with ease.


Design for print, screen or mobile - whatever you need, delivered when you need it - we'll do whatever works best for you.


Products, places or people, your place or mine. Edited, re-touched or re-formatted however you want, whatever the reason.


+64 (0) 21 071 9724

Our ‘extra-specialism’ - art, ceramics and glass photography

From the fragile to the fabulous, we have extensive expertise in art, ceramics and glass photography, working with auction houses, individuals and museums to produce images that reflect and preserve treasured paintings  objects, capturing the essence, skill and creativity of  the original artists.

If you need museum quality photography for your valued or cherished art, sculpture, ceramics or glassware, we can provide you with a fast, efficient, cost effective solution.

We have a mobile photographic studio enabling us to light and photograph any object in situ - no need for costly packaging and moving - eliminating the risk of re-locating your precious artwork.

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